LinkedIn Recomendations

LinkedIn Recommendations – Updated December 30, 2013

Consultant / Recruiter - Top Wood Jobs LLC

John Burns

Site Manager at Ainsworth Engineered

I have only been dealing with George for around one year, but enough time to realize his dedication to the task at hand. He does not waste time of clients or candidates by providing unsuitable leads as he has an extremely good feel for what their real needs are. I can certainly recommend his services, whether you are a client looking for someone specific to fill a position or you are a candidate looking for one. October 10, 2012, John was George's client

Scott Westlund

Key Accounts/Marketing/Member Service Manager at Sheridan Electric Cooperative

George has proven to be an outstanding and honest person driving home meticulous drive and perfection. He is driven to do the "right thing" in my encounters with him in the past, quickly achieving results. I will quickly endorse George on these qualities in the role he is working in. January 27, 2011, Scott was with another company when working with George at Top Wood Jobs LLC

Todd Love

Owner, Carolina Electrical Resources LLC

I met George Meeks while I was maintenance superintendent at Chester Wood Products. George was working with plant management personnel to develop a maintenance program and to help supply key positions for plant management. George was very dedicated to his work, and his communication skills were excellent, and I have no problem recommending George for your engineering or recruitment needs. October 3, 2010, Todd was George's client

Chuck Stevens

CEO at Mid-Florida Consulting

George's background in maintenance and his attention to detail provided excellent results. He worked very well with all the staff and is a man of unquestionable character. October 1, 2010, Chuck was George's client

Josiah McDill

Engineering Manager, Houston Operations at Zeppelin Systems USA

I have known George since 2000 when we both joined Louisiana Pacific, Corporation. Of all his talents, what strikes me most is his passion for his work and his absolute integrity. George is an excellent people person, and someone you can trust. He clearly has strong manufacturing process knowledge of the various building materials products. He does an excellent job maintaining a vast network of connections in the forest products industry. I would highly recommend George for recruiting and consulting. September 14, 2010, Josiah worked directly with George at Top Wood Jobs LLC

Katherine Wong

Client Solutions Manager at AIRINC

George has demonstrated his expertise in helping Greenheart Resources, a subsidiary of Omnicorp Limited (Hong Kong listed company), with huge operation in South America. Within short time period George has identified a number of great candidates for 10+ positions. We understood the challenges in motivating candidates to relocate to South America while George successfully inspired the candidates to come forth to us with high interest level. We highly recommend George and Top Wood Jobs service to you and very happy to be one of his references. February 6, 2010, Katherine was George's client

Michael Strickland

Executive Recruiter at Michael Strickland & Associates LLC

George and I have known one another and worked together for over six years. I have found George to be a person of integrity, dedication and honesty. George is very knowledgeable about facility maintenance and maintenance systems and this firsthand knowledge along with his personal attributes is why he is a successful in his business. January 11, 2010, Michael was with another company when working with George at Top Wood Jobs LLC

Process Specialist - Evergreen Engineering

Tom Daniels

Project Manager at Evergreen Engineering Inc

George is one of those rare persons that sees the glass half full, he's a very upbeat individual that is well versed in his current field of endeavor. George knows more folks than anyone else that I know, therefore his ability to connect to those that are in the know and able to feel his way through the jungle of choices makes him a valuable ally in you effort to secure a career that you know will both meet your goals as well as the employers. I would highly recommend George if you need to make a change and want to not just move sideways! October 12, 2010, Tom worked directly with George at Evergreen Engineering

Sean Humphreys

Project Engineer at Portland General Electric

I worked with George while we were at Evergreen Engineering. George was very detail oriented and had the business and technical skills to help move the company into a leading engineering firm. George was always willing help me out and willing to support any project regardless of the situation or project requirements. George was devoted to his work and completeness to make any project successful that he worked on. I truly enjoyed the time we worked together and would highly recommend him for any project or statement of work. It was a pleasure to work with George and hope to keep in touch with him. September 14, 2010, Sean worked directly with George at Evergreen Engineering

Terry Kerwood

Managing Director, EWTA (APA)

In my years working with George Meek, I was always treated with respect and professionalism. George always kept his commitments, was attentive to details and followed through. I can recommend George Meek and would hire him myself if I needed the type of service he provides. Terry Kerwood, Managing Director (not President), EWTA. September 13, 2010, Terry was a consultant or contractor to George at Evergreen Engineering

Business Engineering Manager - Louisiana Pacific Corporation

Les Younie

Vice President - Manufacturing & Engineering at CalAg, LLC

I hired George to support Industrial Panels for Louisiana Pacific with his composite panel process and maintenance expertise. He brought to us the experience and skills that we needed to take our facilities to the next level. George has always been devoted to his work and puts in 100% for the people he works for and with. He will dig into any issue to fully understand the requirements whether it be project management or evaluations of the current task at hand. I have enjoyed not only working with him but joining up with him at the various industry functions where we always enjoy each other’s friendship and advice for our careers. I look forward to working with George in my career in the future and would highly recommend Top Wood Jobs to anyone needing recruiting or consulting support. September 13, 2010, Les was George's client

Woody Rester

Electrical Supervisor at Louisiana Pacific Corporation

I worked with George Meek for about a year and a half. He is a very detail oriented person, he digs a mile deep and a mile wide. George will think out how to solve complicated engineering problems, is unafraid to speak up on anything safety related and will see a project through on time and within cost parameters, every time. George works well with others, team oriented and focuses on WHAT is right rather than WHO is right. George gets it done. September 12, 2010, Woody worked indirectly for George at Louisiana Pacific Corporation

Maintenance Superintendent/Project Electrical Engineering Manager -
Willamette Industries –Bennettsville MDF

Dave Baker

Director, Human Resources at BorgWarner

Excellent team player. Very consciences and able to mix well with employees at all levels. Respected as a technical expert in construction and maintenance along with training others less knowledgeable in the field. September 15, 2010, Dave worked directly with George at Willamette Industries

Ted Peters

Quality Manager at Louisiana Pacific Corporation

George is a detail oriented and very well organizer person. He is good for his word and made things happen when we needed them done. His electrical and programming skills helped out as well. September 13, 2010, Ted worked directly with George at Willamette Industries

Mike Goetz

Aftermarket Manager North America at Andritz Feed and Biofuel

I first started working with George while I was the Maintenance Superintendent at the Norbord MDF plant in Deposit NY. George was the Maintenance Superintendent starting up the Willamette Bennettsville MDF plant in South Carolina. George and I helped each other out while we worked at these two plants. Regardless that we were competitors, George was in turn always be willing to help me with my plant. George looked past the competition we may have had and was always there to help who ever needed it. I highly recommend George, he's a first class individual always willing and most importantly capable. For anyone needing help with either their process or human resource needs, George would be my first call. September 13, 2010, Mike was with another company when working with George at Willamette Industries

William Black

Director at SierraPine LTD

I worked with George throughout my time at Plum Creek and was responsible for selecting him to assist with design and development of of the electrical and control systems for our Bennettsville MDF facility. Following plant design responsibilities George was to direct the maintenance department of the operating plant as Maintenance Superintendent. Through all the years of my association with George I have known him to be one of the most reliable, highly motivated, honest people I have ever met. He has been effective in every role I have ever watched him perform in and would think his desire for and history of self-improvement will limit him to only those career advancements for which he holds no interest. I can enthusiastically recommend George to anyone seeking his services. September 13, 2010, William managed George at Willamette Industries

Electrical Supervisor - Plum Creek MDF

Lanny Hammock

General Manager at Sierra Chemical

Actually my title at the time was Manager at Plum Creek, not General Manager at Sierra Chemical. George was a very good electrical supervisor and was excellent at trouble shooting. Over the years I have used George as a sounding board on many project that I was involved in and he always gave sound professional advice. If I had a project of any size in the future George Meek would be the first person I would consider hiring. September 13, 2010, Lanny managed George at Plum Creek.