Plant Engineer - Wood Panels - Virginia


Job#170825PE – Project Engineer – Wood Panels – Virginia
Location: United States
Wage: $50-85k/year depending on experience
Education Required: BS Degree in Engineering
Years Experience Required:  3 to 5 years of plant engineering and project management experience.

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The Plant Project Engineer in Virginia will design, develop and manage projects for enlarging, modifying and maintaining facilities in order to improve products and processes.

  • Provide plant-wide engineering support for design, utilization and operation issues relating to the facility and division-wide by advising on technical problems, technical changes to plant equipment, processes, energy, electrical / instrumentation systems, and site facilities. 

  • Plans, organizes and initiates capital and repair projects. 

  • Implements projects from concept, design, and construction through start-up, written procedures, training and operation. 

  • Responsible for projects at the facility in Virginia. 

  • Solely responsible for projects from $3,000 to $2.5 million. 

  • Manage multiple projects; assists with other large expansion projects. 

  • Supervise contractors on site through construction supervisor. 


  • Correctly estimate and ensure correct construction by creating mechanical, structural, civil and electrical designs producing drawings required for installation or modification of plant processes and structures.

  • Write the justification for all projects and process through required channels.

  • Initiates and carries out studies, then makes recommendations for changes in operating procedures and/or process equipment to improve efficiency and safety and to eliminate down time.

  • Initiate, propose and implement both capital and repair projects after determining their economic and technical justification and keep the Maintenance Superintendent informed on the progress of assigned projects.

  • Assist and advise on the preventive maintenance program, cost control, and spare parts inventory control.        

  • Provide the mechanical engineering service necessary for manufacturing operations, mechanical systems, and plant facilities. 

  • Plan, design, procure, and oversee installation of equipment needed to complete approved projects.

  • Keep plant operating efficiently by assisting maintenance and/or production with operation challenges.

  • Produce complete projects within budget by preparing project cost estimates for materials, equipment and labor.

  • Complete projects in timely manner by tracking and developing construction schedules and plans, and requisitioning certified contract labor.

  • Select best suited process equipment for applications by meeting with vendors, running trials and staying current on new technology.

  • Ensure proposed projects adequate ROI by assisting management in making an informed decision through submitting written proposals which include a description of the work to be completed, accurate cost estimates for both material and labor, C.A.D. generated design drawings and specifications, justifications for expenditures, and an evaluation of economic factors.

  • Secure the availability of proper equipment, materials, and qualified contract labor for projects by developing and submitting timely requisitions for procurement and hiring.

  • Ensure supervision of contract workforce, perform housekeeping and safety inspections and complete quality work in a timely manner.

  • Assist production with new or modified equipment and processes through training, written operating procedures and trial runs.

Requirements & Preferred Competencies

  • B.S. degree in engineering, 3-5 years in a manufacturing environment.

  • Demonstrated leadership, communication and organizational skills.

  • Other Qualifying Criteria - Strong work ethic, “hands-on” approach to work, and willingness to learn.

  • Prefer wood products and especially wood products experience.

Major Challenge

  • To organize time and priorities to effectively administer the multiple engineering functions and to utilize personal and technical skills to empower others to achieve goals.

  • To advise the Maintenance Superintendent, in a timely manner, of deficiencies regarding engineering compliance and to recommend the appropriate actions to eliminate the deficiencies.

  • To develop a vision that would aid in the predictability and prevention of situations occurring that would result in personal illness, product liability, or toxic tort claims being raised against the facility or the Corporation.

  • To familiarize self with all the environmental mechanical systems in order to improve upon current efficiencies and/or proposed changes/upgrades.

  • Exercising tact and diplomacy working with outside contractors and maintenance departments regarding coordination of work assignments.

  • Dealing with vendors on equipment and parts to ensure timely and efficient operations.

  • Maintaining good relations with manufacturing department managers on engineering projects.

  • Staying within set budget allocations. 

Decision Making Authority

  • Evaluates proposals for new/upgrades of manufacturing facility and equipment that will insure high productivity, improve quality, utilization of equipment and safe operations and makes recommendations to Plant Manager.

  • Guides and directs the installation of new equipment and construction of new additions or modifications. 

  • Develops, coordinates and implements all required training to assure compliance with current applicable safety regulations.

  • Ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state, local and corporate environmental and safety regulations, and permit issues (air, water, etc.). 

  • Ensure that proper documentation is completed for any safety or environmental required monitoring in your area of responsibility. 

  • Report inconsistencies as appropriate. 

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