Staffing Selection Services

Top Wood Jobs Staffing Selection Services:

Selection services include recruitment and selection of the General Manager and all Senior Staff positions. Top Wood Jobs will employ their worldwide applicant search tools and industry networks to efficiently identify professional talent and quickly assemble a team with proven leadership and technical expertise.

The Process:

Top Wood Jobs will tactically search out, identify and pre-screen “best match” candidates for each position. Top candidates will be invited to participate in a proprietary Behavioral Panel Interview comprised jointly of our professionals and client representatives. This comprehensive selection process begins with the appointment of the General Manager and continues (with his or her participation) through the assembly of the entire Senior Staff. Top Wood Jobs will continue a modified version of the panel interview process for all employees through completion of staffing.

An inclusive Job/Task Analysis will be developed for each position to guide the search process and ensure the establishment of Key Objectives to track performance and provide the basis for performance feedback.

Compensation System Development:

Top Wood Jobs will design and implement industry benchmarked compensation systems at all levels. We have significant experience designing Bonus, Gain Sharing, and/or Performance-based pay plans for implementation at Officer level, Staff, and Sales positions. All compensation systems will be legally compatible with all Federal, State, or National laws.

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